Loving NYC, sorry for the USA

I joined Pleiades and I hope to be in another group show in May.  I had hoped to have a one-man show in 2017, but all the slots are booked.  Eventually I'll occupy the gallery.

Salomé and I married on March 3rd in the Manhattan City Clerk's office.  She's beautiful and I'm in love and I think this relationship is a good fit for both of us.  NYC never seemed so accessible, and now that she's brought me here the magic and energy of this place excites me more than I imagined it could.  I practice tonglen and flashing Boddhicitta on the subway.  It's beautifully painful to really open up to all of it.  The dwarf in the wheelchair begging for donations and the woman in a fur coat sitting impatiently for her stop.

The Trump Presidency careens between hiding crimes of state like collusion with Russia to tilt the election and using the Presidential Office to personally enrich the President and his family and crimes against humanity like deporting parents but not children, encouraging environmental destruction for tiny private profit and toying with eroding the few lines of economic security that working people have left like the Affordable Care Act  and Social Security.  Working people in the cities think that working people in the country hate them and vice versa.  This mess was delivered to us by the right wing noise machine (Fox News and Limbaugh), and no one knows how to turn it around.  First rule: no hope, no fear.