Exhibiting at the Pleiades Gallery

I am in the annual Friends of Pleiades exhibit until January 21 at the Pleiades Gallery, 530 W. 25th St. 4th floor, NYC 10001.  I've known this coop gallery for about 30 years, and I intend to join them and hopefully have a one-man show in 2017.  Below is my statement for the current group show.  Someday, I'll get my sense of humor back, but I'm still pretty angry about Clinton not winning the 2016 election.

Declaration of Resistance

December 26, 2016

The tragic election of November 2016 resulted from confusion and fear in the minds of too many fellow voters.  The policies threatened by the incoming administration defy the expressed will of the majority of voters and will further enflame the confusion and fear of its voter base.

I hereby declare my resistance to confusion and fear.  Through my sculptures, I seek to explore my love for humanity and the Earth and to convey those feelings in all their crude, awkward and pure (i.e., unselfconscious) nature.   Art is part of my process of opening up to the world.  At this time of Republican power through fear, confusion and isolation, my art is resistance.