Upcoming shows

The "Development" sculptures will be in the Pleiades in July and August.  In October, I'll be having my first one-man show at Pleiades, currently titled "Oxymorons On the Road to Collective Insanity", and consisting of my angrier work like the "Industrial Parks" and "America Unsettled".  Rage and sadness seem like perfectly appropriate emotions these days.

I'm not angry at Republicans, but the Republican leadership lies about the intentions of their legislation, and we will all suffer because too many people believe those lies.

Loving NYC, sorry for the USA

I joined Pleiades and I hope to be in another group show in May.  I had hoped to have a one-man show in 2017, but all the slots are booked.  Eventually I'll occupy the gallery.

Salomé and I married on March 3rd in the Manhattan City Clerk's office.  She's beautiful and I'm in love and I think this relationship is a good fit for both of us.  NYC never seemed so accessible, and now that she's brought me here the magic and energy of this place excites me more than I imagined it could.  I practice tonglen and flashing Boddhicitta on the subway.  It's beautifully painful to really open up to all of it.  The dwarf in the wheelchair begging for donations and the woman in a fur coat sitting impatiently for her stop.

The Trump Presidency careens between hiding crimes of state like collusion with Russia to tilt the election and using the Presidential Office to personally enrich the President and his family and crimes against humanity like deporting parents but not children, encouraging environmental destruction for tiny private profit and toying with eroding the few lines of economic security that working people have left like the Affordable Care Act  and Social Security.  Working people in the cities think that working people in the country hate them and vice versa.  This mess was delivered to us by the right wing noise machine (Fox News and Limbaugh), and no one knows how to turn it around.  First rule: no hope, no fear.  

Exhibiting at the Pleiades Gallery

I am in the annual Friends of Pleiades exhibit until January 21 at the Pleiades Gallery, 530 W. 25th St. 4th floor, NYC 10001.  I've known this coop gallery for about 30 years, and I intend to join them and hopefully have a one-man show in 2017.  Below is my statement for the current group show.  Someday, I'll get my sense of humor back, but I'm still pretty angry about Clinton not winning the 2016 election.

Declaration of Resistance

December 26, 2016

The tragic election of November 2016 resulted from confusion and fear in the minds of too many fellow voters.  The policies threatened by the incoming administration defy the expressed will of the majority of voters and will further enflame the confusion and fear of its voter base.

I hereby declare my resistance to confusion and fear.  Through my sculptures, I seek to explore my love for humanity and the Earth and to convey those feelings in all their crude, awkward and pure (i.e., unselfconscious) nature.   Art is part of my process of opening up to the world.  At this time of Republican power through fear, confusion and isolation, my art is resistance.

Joining the NYC art scene

Agora Gallery in Chelsea sent me an invite to represent my work in their gallery.  The cheapest level I can enter costs $5450/year.  I can't afford that much, but I realized that I can't wait around forever for some commercial gallery to invite me to their stable.  I decided to join the coop gallery Pleiades, which is in the building next door to Agora on W 25th St., albeit on the 4th floor rather than the street level.  So I will still spend a couple of thousand dollars a year to have one show a year at one of the world's most active art markets.  While it seems expensive, this is New York, and there aren't many ways to get into the Chelsea district.  I have friends at Pleiades, and they welcome me.  I'll be showing a couple of sculptures this December.  I'm currently imagining my first solo show to be called "Planet Aggression", and I'll include the darker Industrial Parks and Landscapes.  Just another thought.

Notes on "Garden of Destruction" (Landscape series)

For 28 years I was married and living in the suburbs of New York City, and in 2012 I walked out of the marriage.  Creation follows destruction, and I saw no way to become the honest and open man I wanted to become without leaving the lifestyle to which I had grown so accustomed.  More nauseating and heart braking than cathartic at the time, I’m much happier now.

The center pyramid of “Garden of Destruction” suggests a white clapboard house becoming the trellis for some tree/ivy-type plant that may be destroying the pyramid while it grows on it.  The figures depict mostly yoga positions, but also work, play and meditation positions.  I’m trying to imply that there’s not much distinction between the activities. 

The shapes around the garden borrow from Buddhist mandala forms: the three-sided phurba daggers topping the pillars supporting each arch, the double vajra on the top of each arch and the shape of the arch flames.  The zig-zag of the walls and the spiral tooth shape of the outer circle kept coming back to me, although I played with several different shapes here.  They felt appropriate, even though they don’t follow mandala iconography.

Selectively borrowing symbols and forms from a spiritual tradition risks subverting the intent of the tradition’s symbols and inspiration.  As a Buddhist practitioner, I believe that the emotions and energy that went into this sculpture are appropriately expressed in the forms I borrowed from Buddhist mandala tradition, even if my final product is far from traditional.