Statement for "Plastivegetation"

As we convert more of our natural world to waste, finding ways to transmute that waste back into product seems an obvious imperative.  New York City has recycled paper and plastic for many years and now values food wastes through composting.  Thus begins the process of bounding human activity within the ecology of the world we inherited. 


My scenes of naked four-armed figures cavorting in palatial and vegetated environments are meant to depict a thoroughly interconnected and interdependent world with people helplessly immersed in it, and architectural elements almost indivisible from vegetated ones.  This is not a vision of a possible future, but the vision of an often-unseen present.  The future doesn’t exist, but interconnection exists.  I’m trying to reveal this living present.


I often ask myself whether or not I’m just contributing to cultural noise.  My sculptures are small, dense, and unique, but they express big vision.  I know that some people share this vision and are heartened to see it expressed.  That’s enough.