End of my first one-man show in Manhattan

This was the best display of my work that I've ever mounted.  In addition to lowering the wall pieces about 2" from usual, I added haiku poems which can be seen on the images in this site by clicking the "i" button in the upper right corner of the image.

I sold "Aveena Sativa" and "Noisy Solitude", and probably 300+ people came through the show over the month, which is more exposure than I've ever received in one show.  There's a brief Youtube scan of the show with an interview at:

This show and my hopes about it took up an enormous amount of space in my brain for about three months.  I guess that was my ego, and perhaps I should learn to engage in the work more dispassionately.  When you're trying to make a statement of sanity in a crazy world, which is by definition a statement of resistance, it's hard to be dispassionate.