Joining the NYC art scene

Agora Gallery in Chelsea sent me an invite to represent my work in their gallery.  The cheapest level I can enter costs $5450/year.  I can't afford that much, but I realized that I can't wait around forever for some commercial gallery to invite me to their stable.  I decided to join the coop gallery Pleiades, which is in the building next door to Agora on W 25th St., albeit on the 4th floor rather than the street level.  So I will still spend a couple of thousand dollars a year to have one show a year at one of the world's most active art markets.  While it seems expensive, this is New York, and there aren't many ways to get into the Chelsea district.  I have friends at Pleiades, and they welcome me.  I'll be showing a couple of sculptures this December.  I'm currently imagining my first solo show to be called "Planet Aggression", and I'll include the darker Industrial Parks and Landscapes.  Just another thought.